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Outdoor seating

When we talk about an indoor setting, we usually refer to four walls that define a room which need to be furnished according to need or preference. But in terms of outdoor settings, a few fruit trees, a flowering pergola, someterracotta pots, two small wooden chairs or a single bench under the umbrella can suffice to create ... Full story

MIRRORS ON the wall

Although technically nothing but reflective glass, mirrors have probably done more to define modern-day culture than any other invention. While a mirror may tell you how you look, all depends on the way you look at yourself. Mirrors have a long history of use both as household objects and as objects of decoration. The earliest mirrors ... Full story

FOLK ART in interiors

As an interior designer, I have always had an affinity for our traditional crafts and this week, I want to discuss the art work of four legendary folk artists. Pattachitra refers to the folk paintings from the state of Orissa, in the eastern region of India. 'Patta' in Sanskrit means 'vastra' or 'clothing' and 'chitra' means paintings. ... Full story


The floor plans of our homes are the blueprints of our lives. It may sound odd to say so, but one of the cheapest decorating tricks is to do nothing- or, at least, to do the absolute minimum. Many of us feel under pressure to make our homes a reflection of our personal style, so it's ... Full story

Freeze factor

TIPS Freeze factor Modern decoration is simple, elegant, and functional. It is a fusion of the latest trends in furniture and accessory design and cutting-edge technology. More than being simple functional appliances, televisions, ... Full story

Smart shelving

DECOR Smart shelving Shelves are the perfect solution to achieving a balance between generating additional storage in the home or office and creating an aesthetically pleasing display for showpieces. They are practical, adaptable, easy to install and portable. ... Full story

Kuala Terengganu

TRAVEL Kuala Terengganu Kuala Terengganu is located in the north eastern region of Malaysia. It is the largest city and capital of Terengganu state, Malaysia and it is surrounded on ... Full story

Modern ovens

Modern ovens Modern ovens have become hightech appliances not only in design and engineering, but also in terms of the varied cooking styles they are capable of facilitating. Gone are the days when a conventional oven was ... Full story

Decorating with Candles

Decorating with Candles Andles have always been an important part of the essence with which we decorate our homes. As an ever-changing source of illumination, candlelight offers an emotional appeal that artificial light cannot. It can ... Full story

Gifts galore

Gifts galore “Let the season of giving be yours and not that of your inheritors.” ~Khalil Gibran Gifts are fail-safe ways of conveying affection and invoking happiness in both givers and receivers. It is the transfer ... Full story
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