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Intramuros Manila

Intramuros, an old Spanish city, was established during the Spanish rule at Manila. Manila is a sea-side city and capital of the Philippines. The city developed just beside the Manila bay. The site Intramuros, ruled by three chieftains -- Rajah Sulayman, Lakan Dula and Raja Matanda, was originally a large Malayan-Islamic settlement named 'Maynilad'. The ... Full story

Korean folk village

Korean folk village I have been hearing for some time that Seoul is a wonderful city. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is situated on the eastern coast of Asia, between Japan and China. The whole of Korea is divided into ... Full story

Visiting Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a beautiful area with 1969 limestone islands jutting imposingly upon the skyline. Local legend says that long ago when the Vietnamese were fighting Chinese invaders, the Gods sent a family of dragons to help defend the land. This family of dragons began spitting out jewels and jade. These jewels turned ... Full story


I Have always wanted to visit Japan. The opportunity finally came to me in January this year, thanks to the organization AOTS. I had been selected for a training course Quality Management of Bangladesh & Nepal (BNQM) from January 29 to February 12 at Kansai Kenshui Centre, situated in Osaka, Japan. We arrived at Osaka on January ... Full story

living history – a trip to luang phabang

            This festival season, if you want to ... Full story

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